We are a product design and distribution company with a simple goal:

To deliver creative and affordable home solutions to the masses.

Our Story

Things began in 2005 years ago when we saw our first ‘faux stone’ panels in the market. The idea was to provide a new construction and renovation solution beyond what real or cast stone could.

Their lightweight nature and easy installation made them ideal, but the look and quality was not there.  So, InStone set out to create our own version, based on better engineering and a better look, and this became our first line, Quality Stone. This changed the faux stone market forever, and set every industry benchmark. We have maintained our position as leaders in this market for quality, expertise, service, and innovation.

Since then, we’ve become broadened our portfolio to include other faux products such as brick, concrete, barn wood, and more.
We then ventured into other wall claddings like real distressed woods, real lightweight concrete panels, and many custom products for the architect and design world.  Our latest innovation is in the world decking, where we’ve created the first decking product that looks and feels like hard wood flooring.

We continue to look for unique product opportunities, fill design and function voids in the market, and find ways to improve our current products to bring the best to our customers.

The InStone Difference

It is one of the oldest cliches there is, but it is the mantra that we live by every day:
“the difference is in the details”

It’s there at every step:

  • Our design
  • Every ingredient that goes into what we make
  • How we hire and work with our talented craftspeople
  • Our product delivery
  • Our product and customer support
  • How we give back to the community and always keep our planet top of mind

Many products and companies appear the same on the surface. Our hope is simply that it shows.

It is one of the oldest cliches there is, but it’s the mantra we live by every day:
“The difference is in the details”

How It’s Made

Regardless if we’re making faux panels or real panels, we always start with the real deal. We source authentic materials, both new or reclaimed, and painstakingly replicate them.

We support North American business from start to finish, fair labour practices around the globe, skilled labour over mass production, and products that are as low impact on our planet as possible.

We are meticulous and proud of every product we source, the level of craftsmanship, and the impact of our manufacturing processes.